duminică, 20 aprilie 2014

comfort zone

Collin loses his eyesight and becomes simply inefficient for the operation. The Captain wants to leave him behind as he thinks that he would endanger the whole team. Hendley jumps into his defense. Collin has every right to escape and he wants to see his family as much as the other guys. No one will be left behind, not as long as Hendley has Collin's back. The Captain agrees and leaves the room. Collin remains in tears and his goggled blue eyes tremble with content. He can't believe Hendley would do such a great thing for him. He proved to be a good comrade and that makes Collin cry. Hendley tries to cheer up Collin and asks for some tea. He knows Collin likes tea so much, it's his habit for when he is feeling anguish. The request makes Collin smile and makes him forget even for a while about his shortcoming. Nobody wants to get out of his comfort zone.

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